Bride’s Room

This is a luxurious room for the bride to hang out while getting ready with her bridesmaids. This area is provided to make them as relaxed as well as make them be the princess that they are for the day.

Has all the convenience that a bride would ever need. Has a walk-in closet to hang all the dresses as well as an area to hang them for photos.

The walk-in closet also provides a personal fridge raider and food area. Some of our packages even include us providing that so that the stress is not there on your day.

Some of the packets have a food and wine available for the bride and groom that day so that they can enjoy and just relax.

Groom’s Room

This is the grooms room, it is a luxurious country. Look for the gentleman to hang out in while getting ready for the wedding.

It also has a walk-in closet for them to hang all their clothes as well as has a refrigerator in the walk-in closet and an area for food so that the gentleman can hang out and enjoy their day and have their own private area.

Some of our packets include food and drink sand drinks being prepared and put out in the grooms room. Some of the wedding packets include wine for them to enjoy while getting ready.

I will need you to rewrite this. This is just a general information so that you can take it and make it sound wonderful.

Event Room

This event room is available for rent for events, such as baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, wedding, showers, office parties, Christmas parties, as well as several other events that you could use this room for.  

This room is not available during the wedding season on the weekends. They’re in the wedding season.

This room is available for the extended bride and grooms family to hang out and wait for the wedding to start. This room has the capacity to hold up to 60 people for an event. 

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